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Sideways Kitchen chef inspired salt-free Pilau Masala Seasoning blend is a flavorful way to bring new flavors to your rice and meat dishes. Our 5 seasonings of earthy  warm flavors will make your meals sing.  Sideways Seasonings Blend is created without any salt, additives or sodium. Our distribution of spices are Non GMO, Kosher (where available), and Salt Free!


Pilau Seasoning Blend

SKU: PIL-2023
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  • Pilau Masala is a spice mix that is made of cumin, cinnamon, black peppercorn seeds, and cardamom pods (basic ingredients) which are then ground and used to make Pilau Rice. Pilau has several names such as Pilaf, Pulao, Pelau, or Palaw.

  • Keep your jars safe! We don't want you to collect jars and lids, I know we don't :) When you subscribe and save with us, we'll refill your jars at a reduced price and send your purchase to you in a refillable container.

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