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Let's Come Together to Cook

About Us

Let's Come together and Cook

My name is Cynthia, I come from humble beginnings.  Being raised by two parents and being raised in Upstate New York.  I spent a lot of time standing at my Nana's apron strings, watching her cook in the kitchen and bringing family and friends together.  I was very much inspired by how her food told a story, and centered around her roots, and especially how it brought people together. I quickly fell in love with creating nourishing meals and bringing people together.

I began my culinary journey in my very early years pursuing the art of cooking and obtaining my certification in Food, Nutrition, and Health. 

As I started on my journey as a Personal chef, I was introduced to individuals and families who had dietary restrictions of low to no salt intake.  As I encountered other individuals and families with the same dietary restrictions, it became clear to me that I was preparing and making special seasoning blends for each individual or family.​

I began creating my own seasoning blends with strong flavors that compliment different varieties of dishes, such influences from India to Africa.​

In my spare time, I enjoy time with my family and friends, and learning new recipes and updating myself on health and food, which drives my demand for nutritious food. Every meal that I create reflects these values, providing not only excellent taste, but also nourishment for the mind and body.

About Me

Weekly Cheffing

Sideways Kitchen can prepare weekly personal cheffing, custom dinner parties, or an intimate dinner for two - Chef Cynthia will personally design customized menu and dining experience tailored to your preferences!



 The full-service experience  includes preparing, serving, and offering detailed   explanations for each dish, as well as cleaning and ensuring that your kitchen looks exactly as it did when I arrived. You will receive an initial consultation to discuss your tastes and dietary needs, as well as create a customized  menu just for you.

Lets chat about food

I know you're busy, but let's take some time to talk about what you'd like to be eating.  Everyone's dietary needs and styles are unique. Drop me a line, and we can figue out what sort of a meal plan works for your goals and lifestyle!

Sideways Kitchen is a place where family and friends gather for laughter, time spent together, and great food.

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